Tekhnelogos was founded by a small team of engineers. Today, Tekhnelogos carries out R&D projects for the future with great self-confidence, with more than 60 young employees and the pride of having undertaken important projects in the past. For the first time in Turkey and in the world, Tekhnelogos digitalized architectural and engineering projects open to machine intelligence, and we moved the project royalty and approval processes to the digital environment based on artificial intelligence in Turkey's natural gas transformation process. Now Tekhnelogos uses this experience to develop new products in different sectors to serve humanity.

Full Stack Developer

May 2019 - October 2019

Led a team of 3 developers as a supervisor for ongoing Document Tracking and Management System projects using technologies like ReactJS, React Hooks, Styled Components, and Material UI. Achieved ownership of more than 4 projects per year by taking ownership from initial research and conceptual design through testing and implementation phases, ensuring timely and successful delivery of projects. Developed user-oriented visuals and features utilizing front-end languages including HTML, NextJS, and TailwindCSS, resulting in successful product landing pages. Acted as a mentor and trainer to junior developers and engineers, imparting skills in NextJS, Styled Components, and Webpack configuration, resulting in improvement of overall team performance.

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