Kudret Health Group

Among pioneers of private hospital business in Turkey, Kudret Hospitals sustains the progression on the way to determine standards of future healthcare services, thanks to the growth strategy aiming to involve all regions of Turkey as well as constant investments and advances made to reinforce our strategy. Our ultimate target is to constantly improve healthcare services, complying with standards of European Union, and remarkable customer satisfaction level at out hospitals which are subjects to inspections by Joint Commission

Full Stack Developer

February 2016 - October 2017

Led the development of unique spaces within landing pages for marketing ads, resulting in visitor conversion rates of 7%. Built customer-facing communications with measurable click-thru rates for marketing conversion tracking, resulting in a 12% increase in conversions. Conceptualized and designed email marketing assets, powering successful outreach campaign execution that generated +300 leads per month. Developed user-oriented visuals and features using front-end languages including HTML, CSS, and ReactJS, resulting in a 20% increase in conversions. Created optimized landing pages in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including backend integration and cross-browser compatibility, to support marketing efforts and improve user experience

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