Akbank was founded as a local bank in Adana in January 1948. Established originally with the core objective to provide funding to local cotton producers, the Bank opened its first branch in the Sirkeci district of Istanbul on July 14, 1950. In 1954, after relocating its Head Office to Istanbul, the Bank rapidly expanded its branch network and had automated all banking operations by 1963.

Sr. Frontend Developer

July 2020 - January 2021

Developed web applications using technologies such as React, TypeScript, Redux, Git, and ArcGIS Products, with a focus on creating high-performing and engaging single page applications (SPA). Worked in Agile-driven environments and managed timelines and resources effectively to ensure successful project delivery. Proficient in Git for code collaboration and maintenance, resulting in a streamlined development process. Built and refined user interfaces using the latest web development technologies like React Hooks and Styled Components, resulting in enhanced layout and design. Troubleshot and identified bugs in client code, ensuring the final deliverables are of the highest quality. Strong commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients through collaboration and utilizing industry best practices.

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